About Dr. Matt Freedman:

I became a chiropractor in 1998.  In 2007 I moved to Eugene and founded Pure Life Chiropractic in Downtown Eugene Oregon.  In 2017 I sold this practice to Dr. Jenn Nyberg, and she continues to practice at the same location at 315 West Broadway.  She can be reached at (541) 343-5633.

Now I see patients from my home office in the South Hills of Eugene.  My rates have stayed the same, and so has the care that I take in helping each person to reach their goals.  Some folks see me because they are trying to get in shape for an athletic event, some want help to lose weight, many want help with chronic health issues, and some just want to be out of pain.  Whatever your goals, I’m here to help.

One thing that has changed is my ability to bill insurance companies.  If you have been in a car crash or some type of motor vehicle accident, I can still bill insurance for your care.  If you have private insurance, such as Blue Cross, Pacific Source, etc., then I’ll have you pay me at my home office and I’ll give you an invoice that you can send to your insurance company to get reimbursed by them.

I work by appointment only.  And I make appointments by phone, text, or email.

When you make your first appointment at my home office, I’ll send you driving directions, because some folks have gotten lost trying to find it.  It’s easy to find with these directions, but not all navigators and GPS’s will get you to my front door.  

Keep in mind that the speed limit in my neighborhood is 20 MPH.  Slower is preferred, because of the nature of our roads out here and the abundant wildlife.  Thank you!

A few ground rules:

You must be willing to participate in your healthcare.  Showing up for your appointments are a great first step, and you may be given “homework”, certain stretches, exercises, or lifestyle modifications to do once you leave the office.

If you have health insurance, it’s your choice to call your insurance company and ask them if they will pay for out of network care.  We are a cash practice which means that we do not participate with any insurance companies. 

We can give you an receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.
Payment for services is required at the time services are given.  Cash, check, or credit card is fine.

The care that we give is an investment in yourself.  There is no better investment.

Thanks for reading down to the bottom of the page.  For questions or to schedule an appointment, email me at through the Contact page or you can call or text (541) 844-6924.

About Dr. Matt Freedman